Your Business and Your Brand on Social Media

Among the young adult generations, Facebook is still a large player in online presence and engagement but now, Instagram is king in terms of interaction and engagement.

As small to medium sized businesses, through Instagram (Facebook still as well) you can showcase your products or services in action. When posting and forming your business’s page, the first thing is to establish a unique visual style for your photos - having your name and company name is not enough - your content needs to be recognizable the second a user sees a post in their newsfeed.

Keep in mind that through your style, you are showing the culture and lifestyle that represents your brand. Ask your customers to share pictures with a specific hashtag or tagging your business in the photo. This way you can share user-generated content for your own page, which also encourages user engagement. Reach your customer on an emotional level - through a question, quote, or the photo itself whether it is happy, relaxed, sad, or inspired.