Fuzzy Bars & Black Bars? A Simple Trick For Producing Your Best Online Videos - Guest Article

Fair warning, this is not a blog post about being served your favorite micro brew while seated at a bar covered in fleece from 1984 fuzzy dice or any other kind of bar. What we do want to share is how the edge of the video you made on your phone is either fuzzy or black, and most importantly how to remedy this.

So you take a video, check it our on your phone and it looks GREAT, you look great, and thus...this MUST be posted on social media! click share, click Facebook, and vîola you’re famous! Now when you check it out and there are now either fuzzy at the sides or black? Double U, Tee, EFF? That wasn’t there on my phone? Well with me looking so fantastic this MUST be fixed!

Smiley Face

The least favorable, or should I say most complicated way to remedy this is to export the video to your computer, preferably a Mac of course :). Then open it in your über sophisticated video editing software. The more overkill the better, and for that I’d suggest Adobe Premier Pro. After you mortgaged your left kidney to Adobe in exchange for your site license, then simply wiggle your magic Adobe cursor and change the display size.

Now an ancillary benefit is when everyone hears how you went about this your friends will be wowed, and in full awe of your editing prowess….that is of course until your smartass friend says “why didn’t you just rotate your phone?”.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Whhhuuutttt??!!

You see my mobile challenged friends let’s all take a step back. No seriously, set your phone down next to your monitor and step back, sit back, and take a moment to soak the situation. Look at the orientation of your monitor. Now, compare that to your phone. Which way is your phone sitting to look just like your monitor?

Ding, ding, ding, cookies for everyone! Yes, your phone has to be on it’s side to look like your monitor!

Okay so at this point I’m sure you’re saying “who cares?”

Well the internet cares that’s who. A web page….hold that, Facebook; Facebook is what we’re really talking about here but there is more to the internet i suppose but I digress. Facebook as well as about every internet page is designed to be displayed on a monitor. A monitor is a 16:9 ratio, letterbox, portrait mode, or pick your euphemism for “phone on it’s side”. When you shoot a video with your phone side it’s the orientation that a monitor and every TV is so the bars are gone. See the screen shots below to see on a computer, on a phone, and then when it’s rotated. In case anyone is curious, I happened to just take a video of my little boy playing with his bicycle inside the house, but it was in the bike room so it’s all okay :)

Now my question for you, what looks better? Fuzzy Tre or Smiley Mavic? If your social media use is promotion or expertise driven; what sends a better visual message?

Smiley FaceSmiley Face

Brian Engelhard- General Manager of Phone Love Inc. who has been doing phone repairs B2B at customers' offices and just opened his flagship store in Tualatin, Oregon.