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New Website Launched! Kyra's Bake Shop, Two-Time Cupcake Wars Winner!

Edge One Media is pleased to announce Kyra's Bake Shop's  new website (formerly Crave Bake Shop). They now have more info about the change on the new website we designed and built at


New Website Launch: Millard and Bragg

We are pleased to announce the launch of Millard and Bragg's new website:

Millard & Bragg Attorneys at Law P.C. is a Litigation Firm out of Portland, Oregon that Specializes in Construction Law, Business Law, First Party Insurance Claims, Fire, Wind and Water Claims, and Civil Litigation. Practicing law in both Oregon and Washington. 


TYP Breakfast of Champions Presentation Notes


Thank you for visiting our website. Below you'll find our notes on the presentation. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.



TYP Breakfast of Champions

Do you have a Website? Do you Blog? Do you use Social Media? Do you know what Google Juice is? Do you need guidance? In our talk we will talk about building effective websites, using social media in a professional setting, building a community around your brand or business, and getting found on the internet, while answering your questions and more.

Join us the Tigard Young Professionals Breakfast of Champions on January 22nd from 8am-9am at GameTime where we will be speaking about everything you ever wanted to know about marketing yourself online.


Hot Off The Press: Pinterest For Your Business

Did you know Pinterest now offers Business Accounts?

Just visit to convert your old account to a business account, and you can follow us while you're at it.  Converting your account will provide you some added search value, access to new business widgets, and the latest and greatest in the world of Pinterest for Businesses. Be sure to take the time to read the terms of service as they have changed.