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5 Most Common Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Web design is hard.  Sure, you can get a website online quickly and for little money, but can you get one that really gives your business value?  Will it become a marketing tool to drive sales, convert customers, or perform your desired business goals?  

We see small businesses make the same mistakes over and over, so we've compiled a list of common ones to help you navigate the web design waters to help you be more successful on the web.  


Rebranding the Tigard Chamber of Commerce

The Tigard Chamber of Commerce has a dynamic, engaging, welcoming and interconnected business community where the collective experiences of their members are leveraged for mutual advantage.   Their membership represents over 300 local businesses, both small and large, all with a common concern - growth and profitability.


Your Biggest Social Media Mistake and 4 More Things Worth Sharing

5 Things Worth Sharing

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Facebook Allows Wacky Cats and 4 More Things Worth Sharing

We're starting a new feature here where we share the things we think are worth knowing about our digital world.  Here are some recent news items we think you should know about:   


Edge One Media Named One of the 50 Best Web Designers in Portland

Portland has a rich design culture and we're very excited to be recognized as one of Portland's best at UpCity. From the article: