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Are You Earning Reviews?

When most of us are looking at a new or local business, we typically check reviews to see whether or not it is a good business. If we are reading individual reviews or just looking at the average stars it receives, reviews still prove vital to a business.

Online reviews are trusted so much in fact it is equal to a personal recommendation from a friend. An issue of fake reviews has been more prevalent but for the most part, it has not been a big enough problem to worry about.


What Is Your Social Strategy?

Social media has been one of the larger, more important ways to market your business in recent years with that direction only growing in 2017.

You want your business to be active online to gain more eyes. You have to ask yourself - How often do you post? Where are you spending that time? Are you utilizing all of the features you should be on these platforms.


Meet Jake

We are elated to announce our newest addition to our team at Edge One Media, Jake Olsen. Jake is a recent graduate of University of Redlands, and has been our summer intern for several years. We reached out to him around Graduation time and lured him back to his home town of Portland in a full time role as our Digital Project Assistant.

Welcome to our team!


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