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Check the dimensions of a photo without Photo Editing software

Photo quality and correct dimensions online can either boost or deter engagement from the post and your business. But how do you check the dimensions of your photo on your computer without a form of software?
On PC, when hovering your mouse over an image the pop-up info box will appear showing the file’s dimensions. Alternatively as a file, you can right-click, select Properties from the menu and click on the Details tab in the Properties box.


Backing Up - Cloud Services

My design professors always stressed saving and backing up our work often, if not compulsively. Luckily, I took heed of their warnings and never had a major stress inducing incident causing many lost hours of sleep and damaged grades. Although after my backup external hard drive was damaged and corrupted, losing megabytes of files, my laptop was then my backup. In a horrible hypothetical situation which both would have been corrupted, all of my work would have been lost.


Connect Your Business With A Cause

If you are passionate about a certain cause, consider connecting your business to it! Edge One Media is passionate about making an impact against cancer and has been heavily involved with organizing its local Relay for Life for 5 years! While doing our best to benefit the fight against cancer, inversely, being involved with Relay for Life has benefitted Edge One. We’re sure that we can all agree that supporting a good cause while growing your business is a pretty good deal!


In Tune With Customer Experience

Are you in tune with how your customer’s experience with your business? Of course you will have a good idea of what it is like, since you’re probably one the people either giving that customer experience or guiding it. Although, sometimes there are little details that as an owner or manager you aren’t aware of that are apparent from the customer’s point of view.