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New Website Launch: ProtoPlant

Edge One Media is excited to announce the redesign of ProtoPlant is dedicated to solving your engineering and manufacturing challenges by tenaciously applying its experience and resources to your project.   The company was founded on a vision of advancing science and technology by providing the best possible engineering and manufacturing services with an emphasis on creativity, affordability, and quality.


Welcome National Guild of Hypnotists

Thank you for visiting our website. Below you'll find our notes on the presentation and handout. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Presentation Notes



The Things that Connect Us - Facebook & Wieden+Kennedy

Facebook’s first commercial ever comes from Wieden+Kennedy, a full service, integrated advertising agency located here in Portland, Oregon.  This commercial relates the everyday things people use to connect, things like chairs, doorbells, bridges, and airplanes - to Facebook.

We love it, what do you think?



New Website Launch: Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce


Launch Party for Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce Website

Please join us for a Launch Party showcasing the NEW Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce Website on August 21st at 5pm at the Tigard Area Chamber of Commerce (Upstairs). There will be drinks and appetizers, a short presentation, networking and prizes. So, if you like FUN, you won't want to miss this event! Nicholas and Megan De Salvo Edge One Media